Child Photography Sessions

At Family First Photography, we love kids! Our kids are the reason Emily started family photography and they are our main motivation everyday. But the only issue is, they grow far too quickly. Let us help you capture these moments and milestones before they are gone.

Milestone Mini Session:

Since children are ever-changing, Emily wanted to offer her families a chance to savor the quirks and personality at every age. This type of mini session is great for doing just that. It provides parents the means to photograph their children early and often. Because let's be honest, photos once a year just isn't enough. For more information, see here.

Child Lifestyle Session:

Has there ever been a time where you were on the floor in your child's room playing with their favorite toy, sharing laughs, and thought

"I wish I could save this moment forever"?

Or, Said to yourself

"I wish someone was here to be a fly on the wall to capture these giggles and fun"?

Thats why this style of session was born.

A Child Lifestyle Session takes place in your home and lasts about 1-2 hours. We will play, laugh and create amazing memories. For more info on lifestyle sessions, read here.