Family Photography Sessions

St. Louis based Family First Photography offers a few different styles of family photography to cater to each individual family needs.

Outdoor Family Session:


The goal of a family photo session is to capture personalities in a beautiful way through having fun. This session lasts 60 minutes and takes place outdoors at sunset in any St. Louis area park or your location of choice. I give guidance and pose where I see necessary, but this time is mostly guided by playing, dancing, and normal interactions between family members. I want to capture the little moments whether that be smiling, frowning, laughing, running and everything in between. I truly believe that it makes the memories sweeter.

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Lifestyle Family Session:


Lifestyle photography (or sessions) may seem like a newer concept but it's really one thats been around for a long time. Lifestyle photography can be seen as a blend of documentary/candid/journalistic photography and I find that my skill lands right in the middle of them all.

The idea of this session is to capture you and your family in your most natural habitat, your home. Your home does not need to be the best, the prettiest, the most pinterest-y house on the block either. All we need is a room that shows your families character with some good lighting, (or your yard) and we have all we need to create beautiful imagery.

The session lasts approximately two hours, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. I follow your family's lead while you engage in fun (preplanned) activities and capture your moments together- both perfect and imperfect.


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