5 Moments- January + February 2018

Each month, I look back in reflection on my favorite moments, captures or days. This, in a nutshell, is what I love about photography; documenting the little things. It also provides a glimpse into the past to provoke emotions, share memories and tell stories.

1. The First Days

I am struggling to find the words to explain the first days of bringing a newborn home from the hospital.  They are hard, they are sweet, they are blurry and tiresome and challenging and cuddly and scary. But they are sweet. They are oh so sweet and they are gone all too quickly. Having gone through those first days 3 times over, I can say with complete certainty that there is nothing in the world like those first few days.

2. Adjusting to life as a family of 5

We are outnumbered! We are outnumbered and it is HARD. I don’t honestly think I was prepared for how challenging the adjustment period would be (and I think we are still finding a rhythm) but it’s also so beautiful to see these 2 little babes turn into little moms. They dote over their brother and offer to bring me water and don’t want to miss a single diaper change. It’s such an amazing experience!

3. Sleepy Snuggles

Late night feedings turn into lazy morning cuddles. And anytime the sun wakes you up in the middle winter, it just feels right to stay in bed and soak in the snuggles.

4. Batting Practice

For those of you who have been reading these blogs since last year, bless you. You also may be familiar with this scene from last year. Apparently every February when we get a nice day, it seems like the right time to practice batting. Maybe it’s the influence of Spring Training or just a way to take out some aggression from the cabin fever. Whatever the reason, seeing this wonderful man (who was an amazing baseball player) teach his little babes how to hit a foam ball never gets old. ❤

5. Family Hikes

On another particularly warm February Sunday, we decided to take a walk on our favorite trail. We visit this area year round and I enjoy seeing the way it looks different with every season. The changing of the foliage allows for new experiences and we try to find something new every time we walk it.

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