5 Moments – June 2018

Each month, I look back in reflection on my favorite moments, captures or days. This, in a nutshell, is what I love about photography; documenting the little things. It also provides a glimpse into the past to provoke emotions, share memories and tell stories.


That’s right, nothing says summer quite like a good old fashioned fun family road trip! We loaded up the team and headed for Chicago. It was our little man’s first long ride and he did better than anyone had expected. It was only 5 hours but it gave us the confidence to plan our next adventure.

2. Oldest and Youngest Cubs Fans

I snapped this sweet moment during the kids first trip to Wrigley. Their papa is a lifelong Cubs Fan and it looks like a few more tiny people have joined in the club. She loves her papa so much and they walked hand in hand through almost the entire city.

Heart = Melted

3. Water Ba-lootys

When you’re having a water balloon fight, do yourself a favor and find a friend who thinks “water ba-lootys” are as funny as you do. Oh and in case you didn’t know, water ba-looty = water balloon booty. They also created “water ba-loobs” but I’ll let your imagination figure that out and save the pictures for ultimate embarrassment in High School.

4. First Sink Bath

You know that saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, I’m just gonna leave this here and let it do all of the talking.

5. The Wheels are Off!

The time has come for the training wheels to come off. It is so bittersweet as I love watching them learn and grow but it’s also another reminder that they won’t be little forever. Grateful for this amazing house that has given us so many opportunities to grow and for this amazing dad who is there to support his girls every step of the way.

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