Baby E.- Birth Story

Birth stories are such an amazing experience to be a part of. Having 3 kids of my own, I understand fully how incredible of a day this is for the new parents. It’s the one story you will never forget and will be able to recall like it was just yesterday, the story of the day your child was born. Every time I am welcomed into the hospital room to capture this special day, I am grateful for the opportunity to document the miracle of childbirth.

On Tuesday evening of last week I received a text from this mother-to-be that she was on her way to the hospital after her water had broken, on her due date! Which is very rare since the due date is more of an educated guess rather than a day to count on. But for this mama, they were dead on. I stayed in touch with her through the night as she was admitted and began to labor in her room. At around 2am I received a text from her husband saying that they were possibly taking her for a C-Section due to the babies heart rate dropping and I knew it was time to head over.

When I got to the hospital they were bringing her back to her room and were allowing her to labor naturally because the baby was in a better state. After many more hours of labor and pushing it was apparent that this little one was going to need some help getting out so they wheeled her back down for a C-Seciton 3 hours later. I was given the chance to photograph in the operating room and capture this little man’s grand entrance into the world. The parents hadn’t known the sex of the baby until he was born when the doctor asked dad announce to the room what they had. He was beaming with pride when he yelled, “It’s a boy!” then bent down to kiss his wife. This mom was a champion from start to finish and dad was such a great support for her.

I left while mom recovered and returned a few hours later to meet the big sisters and take photos of them meeting little brother for the first time. Mom even got them their own baby doll to practice on while she tends to the little man. I am so happy for this beautiful family of 5 and to have been part of this momentous day in their lives!

If you or anyone you know is interested in having your babies birth story told through photography, please feel free to contact me. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.

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