DITL- Snow in March

Sunday was a surprising day.

First, I was surprised when I looked out the kitchen window and saw snow falling. It wasn’t a flurry. Not the kind of snow that disappears when it hits the ground. It was the big, wet, heavy kind of snow that sticks to everything (and makes great snowballs). Second, I was even more surprised when I heard and saw the complaints of people in the area who were “sick of the cold” and “ready for spring”, one even said “GROSS”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am as excited for the warm weather as anyone but when I looked out the window, I saw a chance for a fun adventure with the kids. A chance for one last snowball fight for the season or another opportunity to perfect the snow angel. Or the chance to break in our new sled, Ol’ Blue.

We had family visiting for the day but as soon as they packed up and headed out, so did we. We started with the normal romp through the from and back yard. I’m not sure about everyone else’s children but all mine want to do at first is eat. Eat as much *Fresh* snow as possible until it has all been walked over and I have to remind them to stop or they will be eating mud.

Then once baby went down for a nap, we grabbed dad, Ol’ Blue (and the baby monitor) and headed back out for a few trips down the hill. Can I tell you that I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time. A note about the hill in our back yard- it’s no joke. It’s incredibly steep and the bottom is overgrown brush and a few trees. In the summer it’s challenging to mow and great for hill sprints. And in the winter, it’s perfect for sledding (if you can avoid the trees).

The last surprise of the day came when I saw how much my girls enjoyed the high-speed, downhill rush of the sled. I went one time and was more than satisfied but they couldn’t get enough. They went alone, and with each other and took turns with dad. There was no end in sight until they had the idea of all 3 riding together. Dad refused at first saying there wasn’t enough room but the tiny little voices finally persuaded him to try. Apparently the weight of the ride was too much for Ol’ Blue and when she hit the brush at the bottom, the ride ended with a *CRACK*. 2 of the 3 riders were pleased with their accomplishments and were happy to go out with a bang but the 3rd felt differently. After we calmed everyone down I was able to bribe them to head inside with promises of a warm bath and hot coca.

It was a surprisingly perfect day.

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