Studio Update #1

Hey guys!

In addition to my new studio and website, I am planning to start blogging about our business. Like most entrepreneurs out there, I find it difficult to not only run a household and business but to blog on top of it, is a challenge! Nevertheless, I want to keep everyone up to date on things and share all of my special moments with you much like you do with me when you hire me as your photographer.

Leap of Faith

A many of you know by now, we recently signed a lease on a retail space in Chesterfield MO and have begun the process of remodeling the space into a natural light studio. The decision to open a studio is not one we took lightly. When I set out to become a professional photographer 3 years ago, I always had my sites set on owning a studio but never did I imagine this would come so early in my career. Though it was something I knew I was working towards, starting a studio is definitely a leap of faith. But over the past few months, after all of the discussion, viewing properties and budget talks, I know in my heart that I am ready for this. I am also nervous, anxious, scared and terrified to take this step but mostly, I AM READY.

The Space

This location started was a cubicle-filled 1000 sq ft retail space with drop ceilings and carpet tiles; not great for photographing. It felt like an office instead of a creative space and we knew we had some work to do so we have jumped right in. For those of you who know me, this should come as no surprise. But for those of you just getting to know me, this is my personality. I take any challenge head on and stop at nothing until I achieve my goal. Sometimes this go-getter personality is coupled with a hint of impatience and a whole lot of excitement but hey, no one’s perfect.

Before: (putting the little ones to work 😉)




So far we have gutted the cubicles, pulled the carpet tiles (with the help of our daughters) and removed the drop ceiling to reveal the duct work and open the space up. It amazes me that doing these few things has brightened a seemingly dark space and made it look so much bigger. We also have some bright white paint going up on the walls and ceiling along with some beautiful stencil work to be done for a focal wall.

My list of to-dos is getting longer by the day, instead of shorter (mom-preneur life, can I get an AMEN?) but this process has been so much fun! I’m THIS excited and I haven’t even photographed in the studio yet.

So Much Love

All in all, I am beyond grateful to be able to experience this and could not do it without the help of a few people. Thank you to my ever-supportive husband who endures every Ikea trip he never wanted to take. Big thanks to our patient and talented contractor, Mike who deals with the brunt of my impatience and never seems to mind. And of course, our precious babies who are the reason for everything I do.

It’s obvious, he loves Ikea.                          WE HAVE A SIGN!


I will be back with another post to keep you all updated on the progress! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive information about the open-house party, workshops, mini-sessions and more.



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