Studio Update #2

Hello again!

I am back with my second and last update. I honestly thought that I would be doing more updates as this project went on but it has gone so quickly that I haven’t had the time (or found it necessary) to do more. The next post I plan to do is to show you the COMPLETED space our natural light studio in Chesterfield, MO.

So, here we are! A few large steps closer to completing the space and I am seriously in a “pinch-me” sort of daze. I cannot believe that in 3 short weeks we have gone from looking at a space to almost being done! It just doesn’t feel real… but it is and I am beyond thrilled!

Catching Up

When I left off from update #1, we had gutted the space and were beginning to paint. As of today, everything is painted- walls, ceiling, focal wall, bathroom and the floor. Instead of rolling the paint on the ceiling and walls, we were able to use a sprayer which saved us a ton of time.

It’s WHITE! and proof that this has been a full family effort.

After all of the white went up, my friend came to do some fantastic stencil work to create a focal wall. She is seriously talented!!


Then shortly after paint, we hung the lights. I was worried that the lights were going to be too big or too small but, just like Goldilocks’ bed, they were just right.

Then came the floor. Oh, the floor. This was, by far, the biggest headache of all. I had originally wanted epoxy floors with a nice bright, shiny finish. However, shortly after I received the price tag on said floors, I chose to go the easier and less expensive route. Under the carpet tiles was a very thick (and very old) layer of carpet glue. To be honest, it was probably about 20 years of carpet glue. So we decided to grind the glue off to reveal the original concrete then seal it to finish off the industrial vibe of the space. Sounds easy, right?

Lights are up and hubs is removing the glue.

Well to all of our dismay, after 3 days of taking turns running a heavy, high powered grinder, there were still many many places where the glue demonstrated it had no desire to be removed. (Most of this was done by my fantastically amazing husband who stayed late into the night for many nights, working his booty off to help us get ahead. Have I mentioned how much I love him?) Instead of wasting anytime on the stubborn spots. We had 3 options left- stain it, stick with the original idea to seal it or paint it.

From bottom left: Seal it, Paint it, Stain it

I, once again, chose the path of least resistance and said, lets just seal it! I liked the idea of the imperfect flooring so we went for it. UGH.. as in UG-LY. Though it had a lot of character, I was worried that it was going to terrify the tiny children and their makers upon entering the space.


The last and final inexpensive option we had was to paint. I was trying to avoid painting the floors because I wanted something that was a little more dynamic than just flat paint but we had run out of options. Continuing with the trend of honesty here, I was a little heart broken with this last option. I felt that I had been easy going enough but I just wanted the industrial floor.

That was a few days ago… At this point, the paint is down as well many layers of sealer over top and I so happy to say that I actually love it! I think it looks great with the decor that I have and it actually fits the space really well.


Now we are at the best part of the process! Moving in. There are still some small items to take care of but with the floor and walls being complete, we get start decorating and making it feel like home (well, you know what I mean).

That’s it for now! Thank you to all of my friends and family who helped me with my floor drama 😂 … you guys rock.



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